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Why I choose the “Chop”?

To call the Atlanta Braves my team is a bit of a stretch. Like so many surburban Fulton County residents, I have followed the Braves since their intrepid, undisputed 14-year division title run. However, as a native Ohioan and outside observer, I can say that my passion for Atlanta Braves baseball and baseball, in general, runs much deeper. I remember sending a letter to the Atlanta Braves franchise as an adolescent for a bumper sticker request of their 1995 World Series Championship. What I really wanted, however, was a signed autograph from any of the Braves’ ace trio of starting pitchers or Chipper Jones. To my chagrin, I was not rewarded for my great letter, punctuated and written with much conviction. In my mind, however, that was not a great loss because the Braves have always rewarded me with outstanding play on and off the field. Televised by Ted Turner’s network giant, TBS I was rewarded each evening with a bevy of great plays, home runs and definitely outstanding CY young-esque pitching. Off the field of play, great athletes such as John Smoltz, Tim Hudson, Tom Glavine and others have displayed the credentials of great humanitarians as well, winning acolades for their volunteer and charity efforts. Despite losing the televised games on TBS, I will continue to follow the Braves efforts in the Heralded NL-East as they fight for their right to once again crown themselves NL-East division champions. While a 3rd place finish is likely, I will not malign them or any other team in their division. Instead, I look forward to another great year of Braves baseball highlighted by Tom Glavine, Mike Hampton’s, and Javy Lopez’ return to once again bring the championship-caliber play that the Braves and Braves fans are used to.